Binary Salon 05 *FREE with RSVP*

Binary Salon 05 *FREE with RSVP*

Tuesday - Nov 6

6:00 pm (event ends at 9:00 pm)

The Midway


This event is 18 and over

Please join us for an evening of drinks, conversation, and collaboration. Together with interactive artist Marpi, The Midway Gallery started a series that we call our Binary Salons. Our Binary Salons are a place where artists who are working at the intersection of art + technology can come together to share ideas and practices. These Binary Salons are for artists and by artists.

On Novemeber 6 @ 6pm we will feature a new set of artists who use technologies to engage the public in unique and thoughtful ways. Presentations by Dylan Urquidi and Can Büyükberber x Sprayprinters x UCSF will address how the union of art and tech promotes collaboration, public engagement, and education. 


Past Salons have featured artists: Inigo Quilez (IQ), Can Buyukberber, Chelley Sherman, Eccoscreen, Osman Koc, Jeffrey Yip, Swan, Cere Davis, Lauren Bedal & Travis Bennett, Donald Hanson, and Xiaohan Zhang.

Dylan Urquidi
Dylan Urquidi is a senior software engineer at Unity Labs, currently developing Unity's EditorVR. Taking from his background in engineering, 2D and 3D design and technical art—he is crafting tools for developers and creatives on the frontier of extended reality (XR).
Can Büyükberber x Sprayprinters x UCSF
This collaboration among a new media artist, robot & brainwave (MEG) data will result in a data-generated image mural, comparing states of the brain while we digest language.

Sprayprinter is a robotic spray can technology, whose inventors are based out of Estonia.

Can Büyükberber is a visual artist working on immersive audio-visual experiences blurring boundaries between physical and digital spaces. His practice consists of experiments with virtual/augmented reality, projection mapping, geodesic domes, large-scale displays and digital fabrication.

UCSF Neurobiology Lab, specifically postdoctoral scholar, Valentina Borghesani, shared their brain wave data, making this collaboration possible.
Venue Information:
The Midway
900 Marin Street
San Francisco, CA, 94124