Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati

Playground at BRC Camp Party and Fundraiser with

Carl Cox

Joseph Capriati

Syd Gris, Brennen Grey, Rooz, Kramer, Tamo, Paul Skinback

Friday - Mar 30

9:30 pm


$32.00 - $120.00

This event is 21 and over

We welcome you to our PLAYGROUND!

Is it a mirage or is it an oasis? The only way to know is to join us on a journey through the night.

When the creatures of the night have arose and the music starts to call you, join us for a stiff drink and hard beats.

playground [pley-ground]  noun.
1. an area used for outdoor play or recreation, especially by children, and often containing recreational equipment such as slides and swings.
2. Informal. any place, environment, or facility used for recreation or amusement, as a resort:

mirage [mi-rahzh] noun.
1. an optical phenomenon, especially in the desert or at sea, by which the image of some object appears displaced above, below, or to one side of its true position as a result of spatial variations of the index of refraction of air.
2. something illusory, without substance or reality.

Carl Cox
Carl Cox
UK techno DJ & producer Carl Cox born on July 29th 1962 in Barbados, he moved with his parents to Manchester, England. From 1996 he hosted a Saturday night show on Kiss FM. He is also Intec Records label co-founder with DJ C1. Since 2007 he has lived in Melbourne, Australia.
Joseph Capriati
Joseph Capriati
Italian DJ and producer.
Syd Gris
Syd Gris
(Opel/Opulent Temple)
Syd is one of the longest running fun creators in the Bay Area dance music and underground arts scene. He's been called a "Renaissance man of the West Coast scene", and with good reason. The founder of the legendary Opulent Temple collective, best known for their premierre sound stage at Burning Man, Board Member and key producer of the San Francisco LovEvolution event (formerly known as LoveFest & Love Parade), founder of Opel Productions, throwing club events and 'parties with purpose' in San Francisco for 10+ years, a child psychologist with a Doctorate in transpersonal psychology, a music producer, blogger on social issues, and of course - a DJ.

On the DJ tip, Syd is one of the West Coast's top talents, consistently being voted in the Top 10 San Francisco Dream Team poll, and playing the biggest events in California party land. Playing a versatile range of electro house breaks, and tech funk,, he's been personally tapped to open and close for the varied likes of Underworld, Moby, Tiesto, Stanton Warriors, Armin Van Burren, and the list goes on. Syd knows what to do in any situation to bring the universal vibe of dance music. His debut single 'Who Are You' on Groove Quest, recently cracked the crowded Top 30 electro house chart on Beatport. His sets are known for walking the fine line between the gritty and the pretty, and he has a musical range seldom seen in party land.
Venue Information:
900 Marin St
San Francisco, CA, 94124